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Control Features:
Programmable key pad controls, LCD display screen, Variable arm rotation speed 0-12 RPM, Variable film carriage speed up/down control, Separate top/bottom wrap selectors 1-9, Separate film height selector 1-9, CSA & UL approved NEMA 4 control panel box, Cycle counter, Manual carriage raise/lower control, Turntable jog with auto home alignment, Large emergency push button power On/Off switch with indicator light, Start cycle push button, Standard wrap up/down program, 12 volt DC control system, All circuits protected by fuses, 20 amp power board circuits to carry a 10 amp load.


  • Technical Information:
    Power requirements 115 VAC @ 15 amps 60Hz, Complete manual with electrical schematic provided with machine.

    Arm Drive:
    0-15 RPM arm speed, 1/2 HP SCR variable speed, Adjustable electronic soft start/stop, Positive home position alignment, Safety beam preceding rotating tower provides emergency stop in the event of obstruction.

    Structural Features:
    Full length back frame for floor support, designed for easy installation against support beam or supporting wall, Free standing models available, Heavy duty structural steel tube construction.

    Carriage Lift:
    V Groove wheel supports providing effortless movement and maximum stability, Heavy duty ANSI #50 chain carriage lift, 1/2 HP DC SCR variable speed drive, Carriage chain fully guarded.

    Film Delivery:
    Fox "Linear" 20 inch powered pre-stretch film delivery system, Easy thread film carriage, No hinges/latches or idler rollers to wear and cause inconsistent film stretching, Electronic film force control on film carriage, Adjustable mechanical force to load, Linear analog sensor switch film feed speed control, 1/2 HP DC SCR variable speed film drive, Pre-stretch 50-300% upon request (200% standard settings) Triple beam auto height eye capable of recognizing all colors including black.

    Rotary arm main frame increase, Height increase, Free standing style, Gantry stand with 3 or 4 legs, Automatic end of cycle film cut off.

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